Interactive Digital Resume is a representation technique through which you can show a good professional personality to your client. Aranjra helps you to create an attractive Resume/CV.

Of course, you can make your digital resume in just 2 minutes. Whether you are a student, freelancer, job seeker, or you are a photographer, service provider etc. Anyone can build their Portfolio and Resume with Aranjra

Anyone can receive blue verified badge. We check the veracity of your profile only after which the blue badge is provided. Everything is done according to a rule. First we verify the pro user, then the standard user and then free user. Hence it takes a long time. Apart from this, there is no new technology to get the blue badge.

Our Team is constantly creating Layouts for your Resume. Therefore, In the coming time you'll be provided with more Layouts. Currently if you're a free user, you can buy our Standard Pack or Pro Pack to get more attractive Layouts. 

Yes, You can also add a blog to your profile. You can easily share your thoughts on Aranjra. Blogging enhances your Resume. So it'll please your clients or your reader as well. You can start blogging with our Standard Pack.