What is Identity: Interactive Profile Maker ? How to create my resume/Portfolio on Identity?

Identity is a powerful online Resume Designer and Builder. Here you get lots of attractive layouts which make your resume beautiful and attractive. Currently you will find many online résumé makers on the Internet but Identity is known for its interactive design. Apart from creating resumes, Identity provides you a blogging platform. Identity always takes care of its user and his clients. Therefore, the team of Identity provide you with an environment where you can easily make your resume in just 2 minutes.

How to create my Digital Resume/CV on Identity ?

It is very easy to create your résumé on the Identity. You can also make a resume without any guidance. But still you know here how you can make your resume.

As we’ve already said, differing types of digital CV will work for various candidates and different industries. Yet when it comes to the content and information you include, there’s not an excellent deal of difference from the normal CV.

Important information like your employment history, skills and professional achievements should all be included – the difference is how this information is displayed. So, think outside the box and remember that recruiters and employers could be looking at hundreds of applications alongside yours.

The key difference between a standard and digital CV is the extra features you can include. a web version of your portfolio of work is a great way of showcasing your skills.This might not appear to be it’s worthwhile, but anything you can do to set yourself apart from the other applicants will work in your favor.

1. Register Your Account on Identity

2. Select Packages (You can also go with Free Pack)

3. Update Your Personal Details

4. Add Your Skills and Experience and Education.

5. Describe about your services

6. Create your Portfolio. 

7. Add Some Testimonials.

8. Upload your CV PDF.

9.  You can also add some blog posts.

10.  Select your favorite Layout

11.  Done!